About Timothy John Contractor, Carpenter, & Handyman Service

Serving Laramie, Wyoming and the Centennial Valley


Timothy John Contracting, Carpentry, and Handyman Service is locally owned, family operated, and has over a decade of professional experience serving Laramie, Wyoming and the surrounding communities of Centennial and Albany. Tim will go above and beyond to make sure you receive high quality workmanship, professional customer service, and a level of personalized attention to details you won’t find in a larger carpentry or general contacting company.

The truly unique and wide skill set Tim has to offer is what makes him different, and he is the locals choice of go-to guy to call when you need something built, fixed, or repaired and want it done right with that small town personal dedication. Regardless of the size of the project, Tim truly loves being able to build relationships, serve the community, and add a creative and artisan hand-made touch to his work as well. Whether it is delivering custom made log furniture, staining a cabin, or installing a floor, Tim’s friendly attitude makes it easy to work him and have your ideas and projects brought to life. Call Tim for your next home improvement, custom construction, and home decor projects.

When Tim isn’t building or working on a project, he is typically playing his guitar practicing for his next gig as a local musician and singer/songwriter or spending time with his fiancée Allison and their husky/German shepherd rescue dog named Toby hiking and fishing around Centennial, Wyoming and the Snowy Range Mountains.

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We offer made to order custom designed reclaimed wood beetle kill pine furniture, finish carpentry, trim installation, custom building projects, log cabin home restoration, flooring and tile installation, home repair, residential and rural new construction and remodeling, home repair, woodworking, custom carpentry, painting, staining, and more. Click here to contact us today for more information or to schedule your free, no-obligation quote and let us know what projects you need help with, no matter how big or small. Thank you!